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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you send out samples?

Yes, we are only too happy to send out samples, but we do charge for them and any delivery fee applicable.

2.  I can’t see what I’m looking for. Can you help?

If you are looking for a particular product that we don’t stock we can try and source it for you. Just tell us what you are looking for: the colour, size, quantity etc and we will do our best to help. Minimum quantities may apply.

3.  What is the cost of delivery/postage for ribbon only?

Our minimum postage charge is $8.80 regular post or $11.00 express post  Australia wide, for up to 500 grams in weight of ribbon.  It is $17.60 express post for up to 3kg in weight of ribbon. Of course the ribbon must fit in the Australia Post satchels we use. Larger ribbon orders are sent by courier, at our discretion. Prices quoted above include gst. See question 10, below, for courier charges.

4.  Can you custom make cardboard and wooden boxes and baskets?

For businesses, yes we can. For larger quantities, we can have items made to your specifications overseas with one of our regular factories. Lead times apply. Contact us for further information.

5.  Why can't  you calculate the final delivery cost when I complete my checkout?

Because many of our items are bulky the delivery cost is worked out on the weight and/or volume of your order and your destination address. To calculate this, in most cases, we need to pack the order, weigh it and measure it.  Rest assured that our delivery rates are very competitive.

When an order is placed, we will calculate the delivery charge and notify you by email. Our website uses a stored payment facility so no credit card payments are processed until you confirm the total payment including the delivery charge. If you are not happy with the delivery charge, simply cancel the order by return email and no payment will be processed. To proceed with your order, confirm the order/total amount payable by return email. Your credit card payment will be processed and your order despatched. You can also choose to pay by direct deposit into our bank account.

6. What is cubic conversion? 

Cubic conversion is how most major freight companies in Australia calculate the freight cost on lightweight bulky items - such as BASKETS. eg: If a freight company was to charge freight on a semi trailer of lightweight foam products travelling from Sydney to Perth on the actual/dead weight they would go broke very quickly. So they charge based on the cubic/deemed weight.

To Measure the Cubic Volume of Freight

Toll Ipec's Standard Cubic Conversion is 1 Cubic Metre = 250 Kilograms

Example 1: Cubing a Carton
Width = 40 cm (or 0.4 of a metre)
Height = 35 cm (or 0.35 of a metre)
Length = 65 cm (or 0.65 of a metre)
Actual Weight = 15 kg

Multiply the height x length x width = m3 (cubic measurement)
= 0.35 x 0.65 x 0.4 = 0.091m3

To convert 0.091m3 to a weight in kilograms
Multiply 0.091m3 x 250 (standard cubic conversion) = 22.75 kg
22.75 kg is greater than the actual weight of 15 kg.

So Toll Ipec calculate the delivery charge on 22.75 kg (23 kg)







Because of the volume of freight we send with Toll Ipec we receive a fantastic cubic conversion rate of 167 kg. We pass these savings on to our customers.

7.  Can  you send ribbon to New Zealand?

Yes we can. A 500g Australia Post satchel to NZ is $19.75 for standard postage.

8  Do you have a minimum order?

Yes. The minimum order is $50.00 +gst, or if you have registered as a Wholesale Bulk customer, the minimum order  is $350.00 + gst.

There is NO minimum order for ribbon ONLY orders. You can use the Token Ribbon Sale to bypass the $50.00 mimimum order.

Search on TOKEN and add to your cart.  This amount will not be added to your final payment. 


9.  Can we visit your warehouse to purchase or do we have to purchase online?

You can visit our large warehouse and flower showroom anytime during trading hours. See "contact us" for the address and trading hours.     
You can also order online and pick up from our warehouse if you don't want to pay for delivery.

10.  What is your minimum delivery charge for baskets?

All basket orders are sent by courier. The MINIMUM delivery charges are as follows:

Sydney, most of Wollongong, parts of the Central Coast and Blue Mountains :
$13.20 inc gst via Go Logistics.

Elsewhere in NSW, and interstate :
$17.60 inc gst via Toll Ipec Couriers.

We do not post baskets unless you live, or have a business, in a remote destination.

Larger quantity and high value ribbon orders are also sent by courier at the above rates.

11.  I don't understand the basket measurements on your website.

All basket measurements are Length x Width x Height, in centimetres. In the case of square baskets the length and width are the same hence there is only one measurement ( L or W ) x Height.  In the case of round baskets there are only two measurements - Diameter x Height. Measurements do not include any protruding handles. All measurements are external measurements taken at the widest point, be it length, width, or diameter. The height measurements do not include any protruding handles. Please keep in mind that all baskets are hand made, and there can be variations in size (to those stated on our website). If you have any queries about internal, or total height measurements, please contact us.